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Calling all North American Math Ninjas! gives you the chance to show your skills in an online math competition open to all schools and grade levels across the continent! 

Students earn medal points by demonstrating mastery on math challenges played on and their points are tallied on your school's Leaderboard. 
Each student earning 150+ medal points receives a personalized certificate of achievement and a gold medal!  The top 3 schools receive Amazon gift cards!

Standards/Curriculum-Aligned Challenges Accessible 24/7 On All Devices

This is a phenomenal opportunity to see the impact that adaptive, games-based learning has on math instruction in your classroom!  The competition is FREE and there is no obligation other than having fun!

What is the Math Ninja Challenge?

How Does the Competition Work?

Students Play Mangahigh Challenges for 10 Days

Students work through Challenges (standards-aligned games and adaptive question sets) in class or at home.  All content is standards-aligned and there are hundreds of Prodigi question sets and 20 Games for K-HS students to play.  Teachers can assign Challenges and students have the option to free play.

Students also work through a Recommended list of Challenges.  Recommended Challenges provide interventions and extensions based on performance to provide "just in time" learning for all students.  

Students Who Earn 150+  Medal Points Win Prizes

Students who demonstrate mastery earn medals and each medal is worth a certain number of points.  Running totals are posted on teacher and student dashboards.

Gold Medal - 3 Points

Silver Medal - 2 Points

Bronze Medal - 1 Point

Top 3 Schools in North America Win Amazon Gift Vouchers

Vouchers are sent to the school's principal to distribute as they wish.

Students Earning 150+ Medal Points Receive
A Gold Medal In The Mail!


For Teachers

  1. Register for a contest training session on the form below. 
    Training sessions are designed to support teachers who are new to Mangahigh's functionality and increase their ability to facilitate the contest.  Contact if none of the training dates work for you so that we can arrange a separate training session.

  2. Share competition info with students and other teachers to increase your school's chance of winning an Amazon gift voucher.  There is a printable poster below.

  3. Send your class roster to (example below). We will upload your rosters within 48 hours then notify you when complete.

    Request generic logins from and let us know how many you need.
    Current Mangahigh teachers may wish to keep the competition classes separate from their math classes.  Email to request separate logins for the competition. 

How to Compete?

For Students


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Who Can Participate?

The competition is open to all K-12 students located in the US and Canada, regardless of school size, type, and previous experience with


Key Dates

  • March 4 - March 11, 2017: Training Webinars (sign up)
  • Monday March 13, 2017: Competition Begins at 8:00 am EST
  • Friday March 24, 2017 Competition Ends 6:00 pm PST
  • Tuesday March 28th, 2017 Competition Winner Announced!
  • Friday March 31, 2017 Prizes Mailed to Schools

What is Mangahigh?




Mangahigh is a web-based math program that offers standards/curriculum-aligned Challenges in two ways - Prodigi question sets and Games designed around topics such as angles and integer operations on the number line.  Students work at their own pace in an environment that continuously adapts to their current level of demonstrated mastery. A list of recommend Challenges is created as students work to fill gaps and extend learning. 

Mangahigh’s constructivist approach, balance of procedural and conceptual Challenges, and incredibly engaging platform motivates students to master increasingly challenging content.  Growth Mindset is supported through our unique performance metrics and adaptive delivery of content that keeps students in their zone of proximal development every minute of play.


When is the competition?

  • March 13, 2017 -  March 24, 2017.

How much does it cost?

  • The Math Ninja Challenge is FREE for schools to participate in and there is NO obligation to continue to use Mangahigh after the challenge.

How many teachers / students need to participate from each school?

  • You are encouraged to enroll as many teachers and students as you like.

What do I need to do to participate?

What does the training webinar cover?  How long is it?

  • The online training sessions last about 30 - 45 minutes and extra help is available afterward whenever you need it.
  • The sessions cover handy tips for the competition and ensure you know how to get maximum benefit out of

Which grade levels can I use Mangahigh with?

  • Mangahigh aligns with standards/curriculum for grades K-10.

What types of activities are available on Mangahigh?

  • Mangahigh offers 600+ Challenges in two ways:  Games designed around a particular topic and Prodigi adaptive question sets.

How will you protect students' personal data?

More questions?  Contact us at

  1. To enter the Math Ninja Challenge (the 'Challenge') your school must be a registered school located in the United States or Canada and have a school account on  
  2. The competition is open from March 13 through March 24, 2017.
  3. The competition excludes home school and non-school organizations such as after school clubs.
  4. The competition is limited to students in grades K-HS.  Adults may not compete.
  5. Any foul play, cheating, or attempted manipulation will result in a permanent exclusion of the offending school from the competition. Mangahigh's judgement on this point will be final.
  6. In the event of an exact tie, Mangahigh's judges will break the tie using the number of skills mastered per participating student to determine a single winner. The judges' decision will be final
  7. The winning school will be announced by Tuesday, March 28, 2017. The winner will be notified by email.
  8. By entering the competition the winner agrees to allow Mangahigh to refer to their school in promotional materials. Students' and teachers' identifying information is never shared by Mangahigh.
  9. This competition will be operated by Blue Duck Education Ltd. 4th Floor, 33 Cannon Street, City of London, EC4M 5SB.
  10. Please read our Privacy Policy which tells you how we use any personal information we may collect about you by entering a competition.
  11. Mangahigh will offer full and unrestricted access to all participating schools for the duration of the competition.
  12. The competition will be canceled if less than 15 schools participate.
  13. All students earning 150+ new medal points during the period of the Challenge win a prize.
  14. The top ten schools on the leaderboard on March 24, 2017 will be announced on Tuesday,  March 28, 2017. Prizes will be shipped to winning students and teachers within 2 weeks of the completion of the challenge. 
  15. Voucher prizes will be awarded to the school, not the class(es) participating and the principal determines how to spend the voucher.

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